The paintremovals


I confirm and build my identity with what I choose to surround me with and use. I communicate and consume to create and maintain a self-image. An image I introduce to the surroundings that I am self-reflecting and interfering with. These works attacks the surfaces or layers of self-image found in surroundings, objects, bodies, behaviors and thoughts.

The images are built up as material becomes subject to actions that human individuals are exposed to or performing. They are planned, grounded, shaped, painted, demolished, renovated, cleaned, restored, cleaned, fallen, developed, copied, placed, sold, packed, manipulated, reviewed, shared, commented, questioned. In this process, layers and fragments of the material and actions occur depicted or compressed together. Deformation becomes different boundaries, clues or alternatives to the construction of the man.

The process tries to answer how far we dare to keep our self-image towards the environment, but also to ourselves. What is authenticity and falsehood? Is our image unique, like a work of art, a self-portrait or is it a product? Does the image look like it does because one wants it or because it needs to look in a certain way?

The paintremovals